Equipment of Innistrad in D&D, Part 1

Taking a little break from my Zendikar items, I decided to take a shot at the equipment of Innistrad, for players to use in their campaigns with Plane Shift: Innistrad.


Executioner’s Hood
Wondrous Item – Uncommon
When you kill a creature while wearing this blood-stained magic hood, all other enemy creatures that can see you must succeed on a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for one minute. An affected creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. This ability does not affect undead or fiends.

For an ability based on rules and flavour, this item has 2 core themes – intimidation and execution. Combining them both seemed the way to go, so I went with an ability that intimidates when the wearer “executes” something. DC 13 is a value high enough to affect the majority of lower CR creatures, making this desirable for someone going into battle against humanoid or smaller enemies. To keep with the theme of it not affecting black-aligned creatures, I chose for the ability to not affect undead or fiends, which covers the characteristic and iconic creatures of black in MTG (Demons, Vampires and Zombies).


Mask of Avacyn
Wondrous Item – Very Rare (Requires Attunement)
You advantage on spell saving throws and religion checks while wearing this item.

This one took quite a while. Translating hexproof onto D&D items really needs to be based on comparative power, and making something “hexproof” in D&D is pretty damn powerful. I toyed with similar effects to the Mantle of Spell Resistance, but it was tricky doing that but not making it exactly the same, until I realised I could raise the rarity and add the thematic bonus to religion rolls. For hexproof effects on other items, taking the effect of Mantle of Spell Resistance seems to be the ideal way to translate hexproof, to combine with other effects (as I will be doing with a number of future items).


Moonsilver Spear
Magic Weapon (Spear) – Legendary (Requires attunement by a Cleric or Paladin)
You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. This weapon deals radiant damage instead of piercing damage. Once per long rest, when attacking with this weapon you may invoke its divine powers to summon a Deva (
Monster Manual page 16). The Deva acts immediately after you, and will follow your orders, before disappearing at the end of its turn.

The angel created by Moonsilver Spear in magic is pretty big as a 4/4 flyer, but not necessarily game-changing big (depending on circumstance). The smallest angel in the monster manual, on the other hand, is CR10. Although that’s the advised creature to use as the weakest of Innistrad’s angels, Devas are extremely powerful, so I limited the Deva’s presence to one turn per long rest. Although this is a very limited amount of time, it’s capable of having a serious effect, including high damage, healing, or returning an ally to life. To keep with the theme of it being Avacyn’s weapon, I chose to limit it to the most religion-focused classes.


Runechanter’s Pike
Magic Weapon (Pike) – Rare
Each time you spend an action to cast a spell, you gain +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon for the next minute, up to +5.

This one can become exceedingly powerful, but the chances are that if the wielder can get it up to a +5 weapon, they’re in a pretty long and difficult combat, and could use the extra help, which won’t likely overwhelm an extremely powerful enemy. Making it action-based, it requires for the wielder to spend their turns to enhance it, limiting the amount of high-powered attacks they can make with it. Limiting it to being within one minute, although not based on any aspect of the card, keeps it from staying at an extremely high power level for very long. As such, a difficult combat where it has the potential to gain its highest power level still has the possibility of the weapon beginning to lose its potency during combat.


Wolfhunter’s Quiver
Wondrous Item – Uncommon
When attacking a human shapechanger with an arrow drawn from this magic quiver, treat all of your arrows as if they are silvered.

I focused on the ability for this item to deal bonus damage to werewolves, and with it treating arrows as silvered, it applies the same bonus to all lycanthropes. I chose to rate it as uncommon because it’s very situational, but has the potential to be very powerful for a skilled archer coming up against lycanthropes.

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