Fighter Archetype – Stoneforge Mystic by Kor-Artificer

This is my first go at creating a subclass, and since I’ve been working with the Zendikar setting, I thought I’d go for one of the most iconic and popular creatures of the Zendikar sets. It’s inspired by both the card Stoneforge Mystic, and the different portrayals of Nahiri, on cards and in the Magic Story The Lithomancer. One particular quote that inspired the design of this subclass was:

“Nahiri called to the metal in the stone, and felt her hand close around the hilt of a sword. She pulled, and an elegant blade slid free of the molten rock.”

Based on that, the Stoneforge Mystic fighter can pull weapons out of stone in the same manner, and at later levels benefit from the heat of a weapon drawn from molten rock. 

The 18th-level ability mirrors the actual card Stoneforge Mystic more exactly, in that it allows the player to obtain a powerful magic item using their Stoneforge Mystic abilities, much like the card can be used to put an equipment card from your library into your hand.


As always, I’d love to hear feedback or if you use this subclass in your own campaigns! While it is perfectly suited for campaigns using Plane Shift Zendikar, it’s pretty open for use in any other setting (so long as that setting has stone in it). I’m working on some more subclasses at the moment, each of them also Zendikar themed…

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