Equipment of Mirrodin in D&D: Kaldra

As my first post based on Mirrodin, I decided that a good set of items to start with for this plane would be these three iconic artifacts from the original Mirrodin Block. Designing the Kaldra items also meant that I could make my first post with a design for a creature too!


Sword of Kaldra
Magic Weapon (Longsword) – Legendary (Requires attunement)
You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. A creature that suffers a critical hit from an attack made with this weapon must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is transported to a random location on the Astral Plane.

Designing this item, I had to work out an effective translation for Exile that worked flavourfully for it. I was inspired by the interaction of Bag of Holding vs Portable Hole, and thought the black hole-esque effect would work well in combination with the +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls to make the Sword of Kaldra magic item feel like the card.


Shield of Kaldra

Magic Armour (Shield) – Legendary (Requires attunement)
You have resistance to nonmagical damage and a +1 bonus to your AC while wielding this shield. In addition, for if you are attuned to either
Sword of Kaldra or Helm of Kaldra, you gain a further +1 bonus to your AC for each of those items you are attuned to. 

This was based on the Armour of Invulnerability, but without the activated ability to compensate for the additional boost to AC from this item. The total AC bonus reaches +3, equal to the legendary status of +3 Armour, but only on the condition of having all 3 items equipped.



of Kaldra

Wondrous item – Legendary (Requires attunement)
While wearing this helmet, you have advantage on initiative rolls. In addition, if an attack you make incapacitates a creature, you make immediately make another attack. This attack does not generate further additional attacks if it incapacitates another creature.
If you are also attuned to
Sword of Kaldra and Shield of Kaldra, you may spend an action summoning Kaldra. Sword of Kaldra, Shield of Kaldra and Helm of Kaldra all become unattuned, and form Kaldra. Kaldra is under your control, and will follow your orders. If Kaldra is incapacitated, its form dissipates and the 3 magic items fall to the ground.

With this item, First Strike and Haste are represented by the advantage on initiative rolls, and trample by the additional attack generated by incapacitating a creature. 


My statblock for Kaldra is based on some of the more resilient giants, such as the fire giant dreadnought, but with lower hit points, to go along with the lower attack damage of sword of Kaldra to make it fit into Challenge Rating 10. While it has slightly lower hit points and damage output per turn than suggested for CR10, Kaldra has a slightly higher attack bonus with potential for further attacks from Forged for Battle, and also its resistance to nonmagical attacks serves to balance out its resilience to be appropriate for CR10.

These items work very well together, but can also have pretty impressive power individually, making them ideal for a multi-part item collection quest. I’ll be working on more items of Mirrodin in future posts too, as I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the equipment Mirrodin has to offer.

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