Kor-Artificer 1000 Followers Celebration

First of all, I’m seriously amazed that this blog has taken up such a huge following so quickly, and I’m super thankful for everyone following!

So, to celebrate, I’m giving my wonderful fans

a chance to decide on some Magic The Gathering cards for me to translate to D&D. Not just equipment, any card you want to see in D&D! I can make creatures into player classes or NPCs, land cards into dungeons or rules for environments complete with with random encounters, instants, sorceries and enchantments into D&D spells, whatever card type, I’ll work out a way to translate it to D&D.

So how is this going to work?

Reply to, or reblog this post with the name, or an image of the card that you’d like to see translated to D&D. There will be 4 winners: 2 chosen by me, and 2 chosen at random.  I will count only one entry per person, and entrants must be following me for their entry to be counted. Winners will be selected on Sunday July 2nd. Naturally, I am already working on a lot of cards, so if I make a post focused on a card suggested by someone who isn’t a winner, it’s purely coincidental.

Good luck, and thank you all so very much for following Kor-Artificer!

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