Kor-Artificer 1000 Followers Celebration


First of all, I’m seriously amazed that this blog has taken up such a huge following so quickly, and I’m super thankful for everyone following!

So, to celebrate, I’m giving my wonderful fans

a chance to decide on some Magic The Gathering cards for me to translate to D&D. Not just equipment, any card you want to see in D&D! I can make creatures into player classes or NPCs, land cards into dungeons or rules for environments complete with with random encounters, instants, sorceries and enchantments into D&D spells, whatever card type, I’ll work out a way to translate it to D&D.

So how is this going to work?

Reply to, or reblog this post with the name, or an image of the card that you’d like to see translated to D&D. There will be 4 winners: 2 chosen by me, and 2 chosen at random.  I will count only one entry per person, and entrants must be following me for their entry to be counted. Winners will be selected on Sunday July 2nd. Naturally, I am already working on a lot of cards, so if I make a post focused on a card suggested by someone who isn’t a winner, it’s purely coincidental.

Good luck, and thank you all so very much for following Kor-Artificer!

Winners have been picked!

Random selections are:

@jammywk with Mana Clash
@asktheguildpact with Skullclamp

My chosen winners are:

@weare-revolutionary with Atarka, World Render
I chose this one because I haven’t done any dragons before, and this card will be the start of a whole cycle of posts where I’m going to design each of Tarkir’s Dragonlords in their Fate Reforged forms and their Dragons of Tarkir Elder Dragon forms. Well done for the great suggestion!

@sarkhan-punbroken with Nivix Guildmage.
This has got to be my favourite suggestion I received; I picked this one almost as soon as I saw it. I’ve already put a lot of work into the Nivix Guildmage subclass, and it should be ready to post in a few weeks. What really excited me about this suggestion is that it not only suggested a really exciting subclass, but also opened my eyes to a whole cycle of the 10 different guilds’ mages, which can be done as subclasses for several different classes.

Thank you to everyone who entered! Even if your suggestion wasn’t picked, I hope I’ll be able to excite you with the many posts that will come in the future!

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