Gods of Hour of Devastation in D&D: The Scarab God


A Stolen God. When Nicol Bolas first arrived on Amonkhet, his victory over the gods was swift and brutal. With Amonkhet claimed as his own, Bolas re-purposed the gods to do his bidding. While he kept 5 in Naktamun to run the society he had rebuilt, the other three were kept out of the city in preparation for his return. The Scarab God was one of these three stolen gods, which Nicol Bolas corrupted and reshaped into the builder of his army.

Eternal Arbiter. The Scarab God is the master of the Eternals. When a dead victor of the trials passes through the Gate to the Afterlife, their body ends its journey at the necropolis. It is here that the Scarab God embalms the bodies of the worthy dead with lazotep. Warriors without equal, these lazotep Eternals return from the dead with all the skills they used to earn their victory in the trials, but with a body far more powerful than the one they died with.

The Final Hours. “When all doubts have melted away, the worthy will meet the Hour of Eternity and earn a place at the God-Pharaoh’s side.” As the protection of Naktamun fell, gods were slain, and the deserts rushed into the city, the Hour of Eternity began. The Scarab God, last to emerge, led the Eternals towards Naktamun. The undead legion entered the crumbling city, and the slaughter began.


My main focus for statting-up the Scarab god was to give it an ability to produce the Eternals that it commands. The Eternalize action took base structure from spells like Animate Dead and Create Undead, with the core exception that the creature needed to retain its abilities it had in life, in the same manner that the Eternals keep the abilities that earned them their worthy deaths in the trials. To do so, I used the Wight stats as a template, the process of creating an eternal irons out weakness by raising ability scores, 


And thus end the prophesied hours and the return of the stolen gods. You can find rules for The Scorpion God here, and The Locust God here. I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s bonus post, and that you get a great use out of these creatures in your own games, be they set on Amonkhet or otherwise!

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