Bard College – Rix Maadi Guildmage (Download)

A continuation of my cycle of Ravnica’s guildmages, here is my take on Rix Maadi Guildmage as a bard subclass. Initially, I considered this guildmage as a Warlock subclass, but seeing as the cult of Rakdos are entertainers first and foremost, a bard subclass would be much more appropriate. 

For this subclass, a few abilities, such as Song of Suffering and Dance of Death took direct inspiration from the actual card Rix Maadi Guildmage, specifically the power to deal additional damage to a character that has already suffered damage. Performance of Pain took more inspiration from how this type of character could be integrated into D&D, rather than from actual Rakdos cards, encouraging the players to take risks by offering rewards for being injured, but also encouraging the players to damage each other to enhance their performance.

Dance of Death was inspired by a combination of the mechanic Unleash, the first part of Havoc Festival, and the Rage ability of D&D’s barbarian class. However, with no rage table for the Bard class, I based it on the same limit for uses as Bardic inspiration. Showstopper was directly based on the card of the same name, and instead of limiting it as an ability I felt that the ideal way to use it would be as something one can do to end their Dance of Death, presenting it as an explosive grand finale.

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