Dragonlords of Tarkir in D&D: Atarka

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Atarka, World Render


This version of Atarka was built on the Adult Red Dragon stats, but with some important adaption. The antlers as an extra attack gives her a higher standard damage output, and the inclusion of Fire Breath in the multiattack (plus additional fire damage from her bite attack) serve to increase her damage output to be appropriately more powerful than a standard adult dragon, with her high fire damage hinting at power to come later in her Elder Dragon form.

To mirror her card, I gave her the Dragons’ Feast ability. While this is not a direct copy of double strike in a mechanical sense, it does work in the same manner of providing an extra attack to other dragons, and does so in a way that is flavourful for Atarka’s brood: giving an additional bite attack to demonstrate their hunger.


Dragonlord Atarka

1280 years can really give a dragon time to grow, so this statblock takes more inspiration from ancient dragons. With Dragonlord Atarka, I wanted to mirror her card’s theme as Tarkir’s supreme firebreather. As such, the Rain of Fire ability, combined with Fire Breath as part of her multiattack, means that she gets an extremely high damage output from her firebreathing compared to any other Ancient Dragon of similar CR to her.

Though in her elder dragon state she no longer provides a buff to other dragons as she did with the Dragons’ Feast ability, her hunger now is demonstrated with both the two bite attacks she may take as part of her multiattack, and by the Gorge legendary action that lets her lay down a maximum of 4 bite attacks each turn.

So, there is the first of Tarkir’s dragonlords, so naturally, the four others are to follow! In coming weeks though, expect more posts from Ravnica, and not just subclasses! I’ve been working on a few posts to go along with the subclasses I’m creating, which I’m very much looking forward to sharing too. Also, there is some non-MTG-related homebrew on the way, which I’m very excited about posting. In the meantime, I hope you find in-game uses for this truly titanic dragon!

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