Cleric Divine Domain – Revelry (Download)

Although I’ve been working on the Ravnica Guildmage subclasses for a while, I thought I’d break up that pattern of subclasses with something a little different. I’m a big fan of Theros, and it was the first magic block that I played, so I thought it was about time I do a Theros-related post here.

This subclass took much more lore inspiration over direct card translation than any of my others, mostly due to its nature of focusing on revelry, something difficult to represent on cards, and certainly something that a D&D subclass can’t represent in the same way that cards can.

With the restrictions this presented to what I could work from, I designed this subclass focusing on charisma (what’s more important at a party?) based abilities. A lot of the early ideas I had were attempts to directly translate some bard abilities, as bards are themselves the core charisma class. Some of these initial ideas do remain in the spell list, and in Channel Divinity: Destructive Revelry. Needless to say, the subclass certainly took some inspiration from Theros cards, such as, unsurprisingly, Destructive Revelry and Wild Celebrants. In fact, the Channel Divinity: Reckless Rollicking ability was inspired by the art of Nyxborn Rollicker.

So there’s a first taste of Theros in D&D. Some more will definitely be on the way in the future, as Theros is one of my favourite worlds, and definitely one I’ll be running some of my own games on.

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