Wizard Arcane Tradition: Nivix Guildmage, Version 2 (Download)

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The focus for this subclass was to mirror common Izzet themes. In particular, the Research and Development ability is based on the Nivix Guildmage card ability of “draw a card, then discard a card,” in that it allows the player to gain access to additional spells, and discard those that they didn’t find useful. Likewise, the Replicate ability, (while also mirroring the original Izzet mechanic in name and function) reflects the card’s ability to copy spells.

The Mizzium Accumulator ability actually took some inspiration from the Energy mechanic of Kaladesh (particularly the expansive array of what one can do with the new resource), which I then reverse-engineered for this subclass. Basing it on casting spells, the first ability mirrors cards such as Wee Dragonauts and Nivix Cyclops, which gain attacking power from spells being cast. The second takes inspiration from Tibor and Lumia, granting a flight ability. The third was more D&D-centric, but seemed an appropriate addition to enhance the player’s spellcasting powers.

For the final ability, I knew the best option would be something that carries the theme of an “Epic Experiment.” For this, I came up with a number of experimental powers, based on a number of different Izzet Cards, including Dragonshift, Thoughtflare, and others. By using the “d4-2″ system across all experiments, it allows them all to fail in spectacular ways, as is often the case with the experiments undertaken by mad scientists.

Designing this subclass was wonderfully fun, and it isn’t a standalone piece. I’m already working on sublcasses for four of the other 9 Guildmages of Ravnica, which will vary widely on which classes they will be parts of. Formatting the pages of this subclass, like my others, used the fantastic tools over at The Homebrewery, I highly recommend them for other homebrew designers! 

Hey folks, not a usual time for a post, but just sharing an updated version of my Nivix Guildmage Wizard Subclass! Only a minor update but absolutely a necessary one, the Replicate ability now only allows you to copy spells of 1st-level or higher. Previously, as pointed out by @the-carnegie​ (thank you!), the ability allowed you to copy an infinite number of cantrips in one turn. With this changed to 1st-level spells, it works in a way that’s far more balanced, and works more like the actual replicate ability from the original Ravnica block.

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