Kor-Artificer 3500 Follower Update

Some news! I’ve recently hit 3,500 followers, and I have some updates regarding myself and this blog:

  • I’m going to be at MCM Expo in

    London this October! I’ll post some more information closer to the event, but it’d be fantastic to get a chance to meet some of my followers!

  • I’ve opened a ko-fi, which you can find here, if you’d like to drop a small donation to help support my content creation. Please don’t think that this is something that is necessary for me to continue producing content, only donate if you want to and can afford it.
  • New look! My blog has undergone a minor appearance change, with pages for my major content tags (Planeswalker’s Arsenal, Cutter’s Cache, and Dishonored) and contact information, 

    as well as a link to my ko-fi.

  • Precise schedule: I’m going to be uploading posts at a more exact time so that folks will be able to know when on Saturdays my posts will go up. Posts are going to go up at 19:30 BST every Saturday during British Summertime, then posts will go up at 19:30 GMT on Saturdays for the rest of the year.
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