Dinosaur Avatars of Ixalan in D&D: Wakening Sun’s Avatar


Wakening Sun’s Avatar


It’s Ixalan prerelease weekend! To celebrate, I’m creating stats for all four of Ixalan’s dinosaur avatars as D&D creatures, which I’m posting on both days of the prerelease weekend, and both days of the release weekend.

First is Wakening Sun’s Avatar, for which I modified the stats of the Triceratops, bumping them up to be appropriate for CR 11, which I chose for all of the dinosaur avatars apart from Gishath. For the card’s primary ability, destroying all non-dinosaur creatures, I created the Kinjalli’s Dawn ability (the name referencing the Sun Empire’s name for the Wakening Sun). This ability has an unusually uncommon recharge rate, but I felt that was appropriate based on the amount of damage that the ability can deal to a whole party of characters. The ability scores and its other attacks took some more fine-tuning in playtesing to get them to appropriate values for CR 11, but I’ve ended up with an end result I’m very pleased with.

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