Dinosaur Avatars of Ixalan in D&D: Verdant Sun’s Avatar


Verdant Sun’s Avatar


For the second of Ixalan’s dinosaur avatars, Verdant Sun’s Avatar, I knew it had to have a lower damage out put than the other three, so to compensate I gave it considerably higher hit points than its counterparts of equal CR. The stats for this one were based on the Brontosaurus presented in Volo’s Guide to Monsters, which were then appropriately modified for CR11. To mirror the card’s ability to gain life equal to a creature’s toughness when it enters the battlefield, I created the Ixalli’s Zenith ability, in which I used hit-dice-based healing to represent gaining life equal to a creature’s toughness (when determining the hit points for the Verdant Sun’s Avatar, I made sure to give it d20s for hit dice so that it can benefit appropriately as a gargantuan creature).

So, the Ixalan prerelease concludes today; when this goes up, I’m going to be at my store playing with the new set for myself! Look out for my D&D designs for the two remaining dinosaur avatars, Burning Sun’s Avatar and Gishath, Sun’s Avatar next weekend when Ixalan is released.

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