Dinosaur Avatars of Ixalan in D&D: Burning Sun’s Avatar


Burning Sun’s Avatar


Ixalan release weekend means D&D stats for the last two of Ixalan’s dinosaur avatar creatures, starting with Burning Sun’s Avatar. The base for this creature was, unsurprisingly, the stats of the Tyrannosaurus Rex presented in the Monster Manual. After appropriately increasing them for CR 11, I designed the Tilonalli’s Dying Light ability to represent the card’s ability to deal damage as it enters the battlefield. I designed the ability so that it felt more like the sun’s rays being directed, as opposed to the Burning Sun’s Avatar simply breathing fire. To do this, I ironically worked based on the spell Moonbeam, for which I modified the area and damage type (so that the sun’s damage could be represented by both radiant and fire damage), and put on an appropriate save DC for a CR 11 creature.

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