Dinosaur Avatars of Ixalan in D&D: Gishath, Sun’s Avatar


Gishath, Sun’s Avatar


For my final Ixalan release weekend homebrew post, here are my D&D rules for Gishath, Sun’s Avatar, the ultimate dinosaur lord, and last of Ixalan’s dinosaur avatars for me to design (and one of the best draws from my prerelease pack!). At CR 18, Gishath is based on the stats for a Tyrannosaurus Rex with substantial improvement. To mirror the card’s abilities, the Rallying Roar allows Gishath to call dinosaur allies. I initially considered the ability allowing Gishath to call dinosaurs within a certain radius, but this felt like it put too much excessive planning on the DM’s part, so the d8 random chart felt a better alternative, making Gishath easier for DMs to use.

I represented Gishath’s vigilance with the perception skill, but to represent Gishath’s haste and trample abilities, I designed the Sun’s Avatar ability granting advantage on initiative rolls for haste, and the ability to make an additional attack after killing a creature. For extra flavour, I felt it was appropriate to add that these effects work reliant on sunlight. While it’s normally exclusive to dragons, I also felt that the Frightful Presence ability would work well to represent Gishath’s roar as truly intimidating.

Although from Ixalan, there’s no reason that Gishath and my other dinosaur avatars can’t be used in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign as powerful dinosaur bosses.This is the last Ixalan post for now, expect another Ravnica subclass next week.

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