Druid Circle – Korozda Guildmage (Download)

Another addition to the roster of Ravnica Guildmage Subclasses, the Korozda Guildmage felt appropriate as a druid subclass, as the Golgari focus on nature like other druids, but with the specific focus on life and death. As a subclass, the Korozda Guildmage focuses on supporting other characters through healing and death-denial.

The Scavenge ability is based on the ability of the same name from Return to Ravnica. As a 2nd-level ability, healing relative to the size of dead creatures starts balanced and continues through later levels as players inevitably fight larger foes. The Undercity Dweller ability

started off inspired by the first ability of the card Korozda Guildmage, but I felt that making it more flavour-based so that the character would feel more like a member of the Golgari was a better idea.

Grim Germination was inspired by the card Golgari Germination, as well as the second ability of Golgari Guildmage, in particular creating a number of saprolings equal to a creature’s toughness, which I translated into creature’s size in D&D terms. The Drown in Filth ability was loosely inspired by the card of the same name (which has some of my favourite art in Return to Ravnica), and the second part of it, it which the player becomes a plant and fungus in addition to their normal types was prompted by artwork for Jarad, the leader of the Golgari.

Deadbridge Chant felt appropriate as inspiration for the most powerful ability of a Golgari character, and the manner in which I’ve created it works with very interesting interactions in combat. It has the capability to be extremely powerful in terms of protecting friendly characters (and comboing with the Drown in Filth ability by keeping up the low-health saprolings), but also presents high risk when fighting enemy creatures with higher hit dice.

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