Races of Ravnica – Kraul and Weird (Download)

It’s been a few weeks since my last Ravnica subclass, so this week I’m heading back to the city plane for some more content to expand that which I’ve already created for Golgari and Izzet. This time, instead of NPC creatures or classes, I’ve created a player race unique to the Golgari, and similarly for the Izzet. That said, these races can certainly fit into any homebrew campaign setting too!

The Kraul player character race was inspired entirely by the magic story Pride of the Kraul, by Alison Luhrs. This is one of my favourite pieces of magic fiction, so I felt it’d be great to use as inspiration for what would be my first player race designed for Ravnica. With the Kraul as workers of the Golgari, I felt the ideal way to differentiate between the two subraces would be to give wingless Kraul a major increase to their ability to perform manual labour, and for the winged Kraul, grant them an ability that combines with their flying. As the Kraul player character is going to be acting as an individual more than as part of a swarm capable of killing with the droning of their wingbeats, I decided that a good choice for a lesser effect of their droning wings would be to make it more difficult for other creatures to concentrate (naturally with a debuff to stealth checks due to the noise).

With the Weird, I focused on making it feel like a race built from elementals, which I did through the Elemental Body, Elemental Core and Volatile traits, each granting an ability common to different types of elementals (to add the feeling of fused elementals).

The Volatile trait was inspired by both mephits, and gamin from the Through the Breach rpg system, both of which are small elementals that each have an individual explosive backlash on their defeat, according to which element they have as their core. To scale the damage for weirds, I based it on the breath weapon innate in the dragonborn race, but with an increase in damage as the ability is not one that can be actively used, is less likely to regularly happen, and is more likely to damage companions too.

I’m going to be working on some more Ravnica races as I release more of the Guildmage Subclasses, so look out for more in the future!

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