Races of Ravnica – Elves (Download)

I really enjoyed designing last week’s post (Races of Ravnica – Kraul and Weirds, which I’m also planning to revise at some point soon), I’ve decided to continue creating player character races for Ravnica, this time with the three elven cultures of the city plane.

The main base I used was a combination of relevant traits from the elves of Zendikar, Kaladesh, and the Player’s Handbook. I felt the best base ability score improvement would be Wisdom, which allowed better variation for the subraces, and let them fit better into classes than giving them more variety, which would result in it being harder to make a more focused character.

Silhana elves having a Dexterity improvement to help them fit into the role of a rooftop-climbing ranger or rogue. Devkarin I based on drow and Mul Daya, but focused on constitution and resistance as opposed to subrace spells. Simic elves lean towards being academic characters, hence the Intelligence increase with Charisma decrease, the decrease being somewhat balanced-out with the Mutagens trait. I originally had planned for it to be recharged on long rests only, but switched it to short rests too when comparing it to the Eladrin’s Fey Step trait, which casts, or replicates a spell (Misty Step, depending on source) of the same level as Alter Self.

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