Flavor Friday – Magic: the Gathering in D&D

As I mentioned before, I’m preparing for a vorthos D&D game that will be taking place (at least in part) on Ravnica. As part of that I’m working on learning various tools and seeing what kinds of flavor I can bring as homebrew to the game. Here is a very flavorful Otherworld Patron: The Myojin of Night’s Reach!

Download it here. Note: This link is to a corrected version, as Kanji magic was missing the last few words. Some of the wording has also been fixed.

This first one was a warm up, to get a feel for how to put stuff like this together, so it has no direct bearing on the campaign I will be running. I will continue to share these materials as time goes on, although I may create another account to do so for future stuff. These will be in part inspired by the great work @kor-artificer has been doing.

Really like the way you’ve done this, the Glyph focus is great!

I love that you allow the mask to be used for spell storing as a reaction to enemy spellcasting; I feel that reactions are a bit underused so this is a really cool thing to do with that usually somewhat-empty space.

I noticed that there’s not a limit given for how many levels’ worth of spells can be cast into the mask, what’s the intended limit for that one, five levels in the same way as ring of spell storing, or more? 

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