Warlock Otherworldly Patron: The Outsider (Download)

With Death of the Outsider released yesterday, I thought this would be the ideal time to post something I’ve been working on for a very long time: an Outsider subclass for D&D. 

This subclass is intended to reflect common features of those marked by the Outsider, but focusing specifically on Corvo and Emily. As such, abilities like This is my Mark, while representing something across all marked by the outsider, is in-part specifically referencing Corvo for the reattaching of the marked hand, based on the cut content from Dishonored where Corvo’s hand would have been severed when he is captured by Daud in the Flooded District. Likewise, the The Heart ability also reflects Corvo and Emily’s companion in Jessamine Kaldwin’s heart, which I extended to be more general for any D&D player character, .

The Bone Charms and Bone Charm Crafting abilities took direct inspiration from Dishonored 2 in particular, which introduced the bone charm crafting mechanic. The random table was inspired by the one used for a Wild Magic sorcerer, and while I considered designing new D&D specific bone charms, I ultimately felt that adapting the charms directly from the games would better invoke the feeling of playing a character marked by the Outsider.

Next week, expect multiple posts for the Ixalan prerelease weekend! To see my other Dishonored-related homebrew, look here.

I’ve updated this subclass, thanks to some helpful feedback from @kynawrath and @rosebuncat who spotted something I missed – the original version of the Twist of Fortune bone charm was redundant, as Warlocks already regain spell slots on a short rest.

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