Wizard Arcane Tradition – New Prahv Guildmage (Download)

For those who love playing lawful neutral characters, this addition to my Ravnica Guildmage Subclasses presents everything you need to play a lawmage of the Azorius Senate. This subclass was designed with the Azorius playstyle in mind, giving the player a way to play control magic in D&D.

The Bonus Proficiencies and

Lawmage abilities are designed to let the player character don the armour that most Azorius characters are shown wearing, and gives access to the types of spells that an Azorius character would be most expected to use. The main challenge for designing this class came with the Detain ability. After a bit of experimentation, I found that the most fitting flavourful way to translate this ability to D&D would be as a concentration ability, working in the same way as a concentration spell.

The Supreme Verdict ability extends the player’s control abilities into combats against non-spellcaster enemies, since these are typically more common in your average campaign, giving a more overarching feeling of playing a control character. The Lawmage’s Mastery ability, took direct inspiration from Lavinia of the Tenth, as it allows the player to detain multiple targets. Extending it to spells too makes it a potent final subclass ability for the Wizard outside of situations where Detain would be useful too.

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