Races of Ravnica – Kraul and Weird Version 2 (Download)

The original being one of my most popular player race posts, I’ve updated my rules for the Kraul and Weird, with the help of some wonderful feedback. Extra thanks to @morbidlyqueerious​, who sent some really valuable !

With this update, Kraul characters are more balanced in line with other player races, with the original advantages that made them overpowered balanced out with other traits. The high ability score bonus has been lowered, and I added the Sunlight Sensitivity trait to better represent a race that dwells solely in the deep underground. I also added their languages, which were missing from the original post.

With this update, I replaced the original Core and Volatile abilities with something more interactive and exciting than just resistances and something that triggers on the character dropping to zero hit points. The Energetic Absorption trait works as a slightly lessened version of the Absorb Elements spell from Princes of the Apocalypse (this version having a lower bonus to melee damage granted). This also grants an extra action based on the dragonborn’s breath weapon, but working within the same framework of the Energetic Absorption. The Arcane Discharge ability is something that triggers on dropping to zero hit points, but is more flavourful than the original Volatile ability, working in a similar way to how Ral Zarek absorbed the energy of Melek, a weird, to grant himself an advantage over the other guilds’ maze runners.

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