Races of Kamigawa – Soratami (Moonfolk) and Nezumi (Ratfolk) (Download)

As I’m currently putting together a Rats commander deck, I thought now would be the perfect time to make my first post looking at Kamigawa, presenting my stats for two of the Plane’s unique races, Moonfolk and Ratfolk.

The Soratami rules took a lot of inspiration from Tamiyo, as she’s the moonfolk character to really take centre-stage in recent magic sets. As she appears to generally be a good summary of moonfolk culture, I felt that the race should be presented as scholars and academics, as shown with the Studious ability and the extra starting language. I added on the Keen Hearing ability as a fun little nod to the moonfolk’s large ears, which are part of how their designs reference Rabbit in the Moon mythology that inspired the soratami in the first place.

The descriptions I found for Kamigawa’s ratfolk specifically mentioned them as being nimble but fragile, so I designed the race accordingly, with the negative to Constitution meaning that a nezumi character probably won’t have so many hit points, but with their high Dexterity, and advantage on Dexterity saving throws from the Nimble ability, they benefit from being able to avoid more damage than other characters. With the potential cut to the nezumi character’s hp compared to other characters, they also have a bonus to attacking surprised enemies, which presents them as the flavour does as opportunistic attackers, and combos effectively with the Nimble ability.

Next week, the prerelease for Rivals of Ixalan means I’ll be putting out some new Ixalan content related to that. You can check out my Ixalan posts here. In the meantime, in my Kamigawa tag, you can find an excellent Warlock Subclass based on The Myojin of Night’s Reach by @vorthosjay!

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