Barbarian Path – Chainsmith

Rivals of Ixalan prerelease is this weekend, so here’s the Angrath-based subclass I’ve been working on since the first magic story he appeared in.

For this subclass I split abilities between being generally smithing-related, and being specific for a chain-wielder. The 3rd-level starting abilities present abilities that focus on the character’s blacksmithing ability, allowing them to lower an enemy’s armour class by denting their armour out of shape.

The Chain Wrap and Heat of the Forge abilities both take more direct inspiration from Angrath himself, focusing on allowing the player to make attacks in a similar way that Angrath does in the Magic Story. These attacks are then amplified when the player reaches 10th level and gains the Heat of the Forge ability, which I gave appropriate effects to match each part of a creature’s body affected by the attack.

The final ability, Molten Core, was based on depictions of Angrath in the art, where he is shown to have a red-hot “inner glow” that can be seen in his mouth, horns and hands. I felt that this would be best represented by a final total resistance to fire, and that when injured, instead of spraying blood, the character playing this class bleeds molten metal.

For a different take on a smithing character, who forges weapons in the heat of battle, have a look at my very first homebrew class, the Stoneforge Mystic Fighter Archetype. For more Ixalan posts, click here!

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