Creatures of Ixalan in D&D: Azor, the Lawbringer


Azor, the Lawbringer

It’s the release weekend for Rivals of Ixalan, so this week I’ve created stats for Azor, the Lawbringer, who can fit the role of an epic final enemy for your Ixalan campaign!

Arcane Lawmaker. 
Azor I is known for the founding of the Azorius Senate in his name, a group designed to maintain order on the city plane of Ravnica. To further this goal, Azor authored the Guildpact, a spell to ensure the collaboration of Ravnica’s ten guilds. Azor also created a fail-safe of the Guildpact, should the original fail in his absence.

Guardian of the Sun.
On Ixalan, Azor created the greatest known use of control magic, the Immortal Sun. Sealed away in the lost city of Orazca, the Immortal Sun’s magic prevents planeswalkers from leaving Ixalan, as well as holding a wealth of arcane energy. With Orazca’s recent re-emergence, many do battle for the Immortal Sun’s power, but few are aware of the ancient Sphinx that guards it.

Control Magic.
When Azor is driven to combat, his main means for fighting is countering his foes’ abilities, by magical imprisonment, warding and counterspelling. Against those without psychic magic of their own, Azor’s mind-reading abilities grant him the constant advantage of being one step ahead of his foes.


I built Azor’s stats using both kinds of Sphinx in the Monster Manual as a framework for Azor’s ability scores, saves, and some abilities, such as the Inscrutable ability.

The main ability made to mirror Azor’s card is Azor’s Binding. I designed this ability to work in a way that feels as though Azor has cast an extremely powerful ward that maintains a lasting effect, instead of fading after one turn. This, as well as the potential to save against it, means that Azor’s Binding doesn’t totally knock spellcaster player characters out of being able to combat him.

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