Races of Kamigawa – Akki (Goblins) and Orochi (Snakefolk) (Download)

Carrying on from my previous Kamigawa post, here are two more races unique to the plane of Kamigawa: the armoured akki goblins, and the four-armed orochi-bito snake folk.

The akki rules set took some inspiration from Plane Shift Zendikar’s goblin rules, but with in the case of the akki, their lack of the specialisations of each of Zendikar’s goblin subraces is made up for with their heightened resilience, based on the Grit rule of Zendikar goblins, but enhanced to represent the further defensive traits granted by the akki’s shells.

The biggest challenge with designing the orochi was working out how to best represent the race’s four arms. It does certainly grant them the ability to dual-wield two-handed weapons (as seen in the art of Seshiro the Anointed). With this as a basis, I felt that disadvantage on the off-hand attack would keep them balanced with other races with fewer hands.

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Just reblogging this with a minor correction, the preview images were of an earlier draft that I forgot to change before posting, they’re now in-line with the actual downloadable file.

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