Dragonlords of Tarkir in D&D: Ojutai


Ojutai, Soul of Winter


In the state he was in during the Khanfall, Ojutai’s stats are similar to those of an ancient white dragon, the rules of which I used as my main existing point of reference. To represent his ability to tap other creatures, the Dragons’ Frost ability temporarily makes creatures affected unable to do anything in combat, in the same capacity as a tapped creature, but increasing freezing damage, and using the restrained rule to represent an affected creature being frozen in place (in a similar way to the art of Ojutai’s Breath).

For representing Ojutai as a particularly agile dragon, his best ability score at this stage is Dexterity, which is coupled with this Evade legendary action to pull himself out of combat with foes which are more physically imposing than others.


Dragonlord Ojutai


In present day, Ojutai’s stats as an elder dragon include spellcasting, in particular, Counterspell, to represent the card’s “hexproof as long as it’s untapped.”

The cold breath attack now includes restraining of the target in the same way as the Dragon’s Frost from his previous iteration, again in reference to Ojutai’s Breath. This couples with his Aura of Winter legendary action to make him mechanically focus on freezing his foes in place during combat. I also added the Ice Walk rule from the ancient white dragon statblock, since Ojutai is more settled and doing more walking (as opposed to flying around attacking his enemies) in the modern day.To represent his changing character, I bumped up Ojutai’s Wisdom and Intelligence scores considerably, in reference to the fact that he was revered for his wisdom in both of Tarkir’s timelines. 

Part of me was actually tempted not to give him the ability to speak common, since the story The Great Teacher’s Student from Dragons of Tarkir does focus on the aspect of Narset being unique in the her ability to understand draconic almost immediately (due to her being autistic and capable of thinking differently to Tarkir’s neurotypical humanoids), and therefore communicate with dragons, which those who are unable to understand draconic are unable to do. I eventually decided that as with the other dragonlords I felt it was appropriate for Ojutai to be able to speak common, but likely just not use it, when draconic is treated by his followers as a language of the enlightened (perhaps, even, some the dragonlords consider speaking the common tongue of Tarkir’s humanoids to be beneath them) .

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