Kor-Artificer 1 Year  Update


So as of Wednesday, this blog is one year old! At this milestone, I’ve got to say that over the past year I’ve honestly been a little overwhelmed with how much people have enjoyed my content and just how many followers I’ve gained (just over 7,100 as this post goes up)!  So, I’ve got some thanks to offer and  announcements to make about what’s going on with this blog after one year.

First off, I want to say a big thank you to one of my best friends, @huwbert-time, who has been constantly helpful for checking rules with when I haven’t been sure about something’s balancing. In a similar vein, a big thank you to the members of both of my D&D groups, including my 5 Curse of Strahd players and 10 Tomb of Annihilation players, all of whom have helped me become more fluent in explaining and designing rules systems.

I also want to thank @nahiri, who gave me some help and encouragement with some of my earliest content, and really helped to kickstart me into doing this blog. You can find her homebrew content here: @chillithid. In terms of big names in D&D, I’d like to thank @commanderholly for her content that introduced me to Planescape, which has become my favourite official D&D setting and one that I love to work with.

A group of people I’d like to thank are everyone who has helped me improve my content with critique and comments, and lastly I want to thank everyone who has followed my content over the past year. This blog has been one of my proudest achievements, and all of you have encouraged me to work harder on it and keep the content coming, content which I’m so pleased to be able to share with all of you.

Now, announcements:

  • As you can see, this blog has a new profile picture and cover artwork which I commissioned from another of my best friends, @stickyhunter, who, like @huwbert-time, is a member of my Curse of Strahd group and wonderful person. I’d recommend checking her out of you want to commission art of a D&D party!
  • I’ve opened a Patreon, which you can find here! If you’d be interested in supporting me, this’d be a really great way to help out. Aside from helping keep me going, Patrons will get to see patron-only posts, and, at higher tiers, early previews of content I’m working on.
  • I’m going to do a Q&A livestream on the 7th of April, I’ll give an exact time and link to my twitch closer to the date.

And finally a little reminder, clocks go forward where I live from Sunday 25th March, so my posts will be going up at 19:30 British Summertime instead of 19:30 GMT.

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