Monsters of Darkest Dungeon in D&D: The Brigand Vvulf

“Flames on the horizon, sulfur in the air. The wolves are at the door.”

In this week’s post, I’ve presented rules for Vvulf, a powerful brigand leader who will bring a truly explosive encounter to your games. To best use this enemy, he fits in perfectly as the leader of a brigand attack on a settlement, where a combat encounter can include players diving for cover behind rubble to get out of the way of Vvulf’s bombs.


Master of the Horde. A masterful tactician, perhaps through military past or simply long experience in burning his way through settlements, the brigand known as Vvulf commands his raiders with a violent tactical wit. Small groups of bandit forerunners begin attacking more brazenly preceding the arrival of Vvulf and more of his warriors, a brutal indicator of the chaos to come with the warlord’s arrival.

Everything Burns. Vvulf and his bandits seem to focus more on destruction at the height of a raid, for they find it much easier to rob the corpses of a burned village than leave survivors. Vvulf’s horde is entirely unsustainable in its destructive tendencies, taking what they can and leaving ruin in their wake.

Bombs Away. When in battle himself, Vvulf carries a heavy cask of explosives, which he uses to destroy fortifications, buildings, and any foes unlucky enough to be caught in the blast radius when a bomb goes off. In these situations, Vvulf often clips the fuses of some bombs, giving his foes a shockingly quicker death than expected. Vvulf also carries an immense reinforced steel tower shield, which he can slam into the ground to protect himself from the blasts of his own explosives, or simply use to pummel enemies who make it past the explosives into close range combat against the bloodthirsty warlord.


As a creature I wanted to make notably tough, Vvulf’s HP is towards the higher end for creatures of CR 10, almost comparable to young gold and red dragons. Vvulf’s main attack is his Bombs Away action, which rather than acting as a normal attack acts as an area-denial battlefield control attack. Coupled with Vvulf’s legendary actions Slam and Times Up! Vvulf is able to detonate bombs early (representing a clipped fuse that the player characters wouldn’t be aware of until the bomb goes off), or knock his enemies back into the bombs’ radii, all while keeping himself safely out of harm’s way with the Tower Shield reaction to prevent himself taking bomb damage (this was inspired by a heavy shield item from the Iron Kingdoms RPG).

Magic Item: Vvulf’s Tassel
When Vvulf is killed, he drops the following magic item:


Vvulf’s Tassel
Wondrous Item – Very Rare

When a creature would suffer additional damage from an attack due to a spell or ongoing effect such as Hunter’s Mark or Hex, the additional damage is doubled. In addition, you score critical hits against Large or bigger creatures on a 19 as well as 20.


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