Kor Artificer on Patreon



(Art by @stickyhunter)

As mentioned in my announcement post for this blog’s one-year anniversary, I’ve opened a Patreon which you can find here! I wanted to say a few things about it:

Why Patreon? I love producing and sharing my homebrew content, but it can often be pretty tricky to get it done on time with a busy day job. With support on Patreon, I’ll be able to take more time to design, draft and playtest the content that I love creating.

What are the benefits of supporting my Patreon? All patrons will have access to design process content where I’ll be talking in-depth about individual rules and mechanics I’m working on, as opposed to the normal overviews on my posts. $5-Tier patrons will also get early access to finished upcoming posts.

Is this going to affect regular content? No. Well, certainly not in any negative way. Posts will continue to go up every week, and finished content will always be available for free. With the support of Patrons, the only change to my regular content will be a higher level of quality.

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