Gods of Amonkhet in D&D: Oketra




Oketra the True.

The cat-headed god

Oketra is Amonkhet’s god aligned with white mana’s ideals, such as protection, order, and, most of all, solidarity. An awe-inspiring figure of these just ideals, encountering Oketra leaves mortals overwhelmed with a feeling of comfort and peace in her presence.

Fingers of the God Pharaoh. Oketra refers to her arrows as the fingers of the God Pharaoh, for even when he is not present on Amonkhet, his reach is still as far as the Gods’ reach. Oketra brings her bow to bear against monsters of the desert wastes surrounding Naktamun large enough to become a substantial threat to the city. Imbued with divine energy, Oketra’s arrows can knock a towering demon off its feet, or obliterate an entire horde of undead.

God of Solidarity.  In Oketra’s eyes, solidarity is the first quality that initiates must embody, and is the core aspect to success in her trial – a race against time for a crop of initiates to capture one of Oketra’s arrows while defending an obelisk from waves of foes. As such, this trial is impossible to succeed without the effective cooperation of all initiates involved. In Oketra’s own words, the group of initiates, as with any group of individuals working together to form something greater than they could alone, will “Succeed as one, or fail as many.”


One of the first parts of this design I came up with was based on Oketra’s card having the Indestructible keyword, which gave me the idea to make her immune to nomagical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage. This is something I’m planning to continue with the other 4 non-corrupted Amonkhet gods.

For Oketra’s actions, her multiattack based on her double strike keyword. Combined with her Attack legendary action, she has a reasonable damage output in one. The Wrath of God ability was inspired by the art for the Invocation card of the same name, in which one of Oketra’s arrows is shown destroying a horde of undead. The Aura of Awe ability took inspiration from how she is depicted in the story as seeming to radiate hope and comfort, as she did for Gideon in particular.

I playtested Oketra’s statblock against other creatures of the same CR as her (most extensively against the Pit Fiend, due to its magical attacks), to ensure her balance compared to them, and then against my statblock for The Scorpion God. Although the latter is an unfair fight, since the Scorpion god is designed specifically to kill other gods, I wanted to make sure it fit in with my existing designs, as lore-wise the scorpion god was capable of killing the other gods tragically quickly.


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Hey @kor-artificer, I believe the calculation for her Saving Throw is wrong, it should be +12 (+6 ability bonus, +6 proficiency)

Also, how did you calculate her Armor?

Thanks for bringing up the AC, I had totally forgotten to tag it as Natural Armour! The saving throw calculation I wanted to based solely on her charisma modifier without an extra bonus from proficiency, as I figured that going over the +7 bonus would be a bit too powerful, considering how powerful she is alone, compared to the huge bonus her allies already get. Thanks for the help!

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