Player’s Companion – Ixalan Expanded (Download)

With Dominaria’s release next week, this week’s post is a farewell (for the time being) to one of my favourite planes: Ixalan. I’ve been working on this compilation for a pretty long time, and it includes Feats, Spells, Magic Items, Weapons, class modifications and variant rules. With the designs here I aimed to fill some gaps between what D&D’s rules provide and what cool stuff is in the Ixalan lore, particularly with the Vampires’ Blood Fast ability, which I designed as a racial feat for vampires (it’s way longer than ordinary feats but I felt that I really had to make sure it did the ability justice), spells like the pirates’ helmsmagic cantrip and the River Heralds’ Armour Projection (based on the card Jade Guardian), rules for dinosaur riding, for players who want to play characters like Huatli, and items like the Flamecannon for the Brazen Coalition, and, of course, rules for The Immortal Sun.


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