Skyship Weatherlight in D&D (Download)

For the release week of Dominaria, I decided to make my first rules set for a vehicle with the most iconic one in magic’s history: The Skyship Weatherlight. This design works using the rules for Airborne and Waterborne Vehicles found on page 119 of the Dungeon Mater’s Guide. The additional rules I added focused on simple necessities for the ship, like roles of crew members and the ship’s high speed rule (since none of the similar vehicles in the DMG need rules for going this fast), as well as on depictions of the Weatherlight on cards. 

For example, the Thran Metal Hull ability was inspired by the card Captain’s Maneuver, which also gave some of the inspiration for the maneuver option of the Powerstone (specifically that a charge can be expended to grant advantage on the pilot’s dexterity saving throw granted by Thran Metal Hull). The Powerstone ability was also designed as a way to regulate the ship’s planar travel ability.

These rules are designed to work for Dominaria’s past and present stories, but can also be used in other settings – the Weatherlight would fit well in Spelljammer!

This is one of my first pieces content for Dominaria, when more comes out (and it’ll be coming soon after this post), you’ll be able to find that, as well as what I’ve already made here! If you want to support my work, you can make a donation to my ko-fi here, or support me on Patreon here for early access to upcoming content and patron-only design process posts.

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