D&D Premade Character Sheets: The Original Weatherlight Crew


Following on from my design for the Skyship Weatherlight in D&D last week, this week I’ve designed character sheets for playing as some of the most iconic members of the Weatherlight crew. (Click the names for download links)

Bonus: NPC Squee:


Each of these character sheets is based on the character’s abilities in-lore as opposed to on their cards. Most of these character sheets use existing rules, with a few minor exceptions, namely with putting in more specific personality traits, changing vehicle proficiency to air vehicles, and other edits like Sisay’s magic immunity.

Art is used with the permission of the artist, the amazing @isharton. You can find the original post for the artwork here, as well as Ish’s Patreon here. The character sheets used in this post were made using auto-filling character sheets designed by MorePurpleMoreBetter, and are used with permission. You can find MPMB on twitter here and on Patreon here. I also want to thank @vorthosjay and @sarpadianempiresvol-viii for helping me get to know a lot of lore about the Weatherlight saga! These character sheets are unofficial fan content.


MTG, The Weatherlight Saga and related characters belong to Wizards of the Coast.

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