Races of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor: Elves (Download)

For my first player-race design from the fey-heavy setting of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor, I wanted to start with an archetypal fey race, the elves. Lorwyn and Shadowmoor’s elves are however, pretty different to D&D’s standard elves. Aside from their appearance that includes horns and legs ending in hooves, and their much shorter lifespans compared to elves in other settings, the elves of Lorwyn are very much an evil culture with a focus on killing whatever they consider imperfect. Vice-versa, on Shadowmoor, the elves are a people who fight to protect the few instances of perfect beauty left in a dark and sinister world. 

For the mechanics, as they’re a people native to Lorwyn/Shadowmoor’s forests, I based them on the wood elf subrace of elves, but with the major modification of adding the “shifting” subraces. Much like how the great aurora affects elves in the lore, these shifting subraces have a major effect on how an elvish character is played, their combat style leaning either towards destruction or protection, depending on the world’s current state.

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