Sorcerous Origin – Roilmage (Download)

This week I’m revisiting a subclass design I came up with before I actually started this blog, and just rediscovered my plans for! It’s been tweaked heavily compared to the initial design of over a year ago, but I’ve finally been able to turn it into a design I’m really pleased with.

The main feature of this subclass is the Roil Wave ability, which functions on a random effect triggering in the same manner as the Wild Mage’s Wild Magic Surge. I wanted this

core part of the subclass

to give the feeling that you can channel the raw energies of the land, but the land has a will of its own and you can’t prevent the powers when they happen.

The later abilities all carry along the same theme of roil wave, with the ability to grant bonuses to allies’ saving throws (protecting them from the roil wave), ability to call a wave at will, Intensified Roil Wave that allows the character to expand the area of effect, and Soul of Zendikar, which allows the user to get a full range of choices using the roil wave in any terrain without being disadvantageous to the user. That is also combined with the additional melee defence the ability grants that has a similar effect to the base Roil Wave.

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