Wizard Arcane Tradition – Azorius Lawmage Version 2 (Download)

I’ve done some pretty extensive changes to this subclass compared to the original version, with the Detain ability now having an easier escape clause to make it less of an instant death for an affected character. I also added more detail to the Null and Void ability (formerly Supreme Verdict) so that its effect was more specific – this way it doesn’t fully lock a creature out of combat if its action is countered, instead, for example, if a creature’s multiattack is countered it can still make an attack action.

The new 14th level ability, Objection Sustained replacing the first version’s ability to concentrate on multiple spells at once, is based on spells and abilities in MTG that trigger from casting an instant or sorcery spell, with the Detain feature as what is essentially the triggered effect. This version also has a distinct focus on spells that don’t deal damage to the target, following the Azorius style of locking creatures out of combat with spell rather than damaging creatures with spells. 

With these changes, I aimed to shift this subclass from a wizard that is capable of dealing a lot of damage through upkeeping spells on locked-down targets, to a wizard that focuses on countering the spells and actions of their foes to minimise damage dealt to themself and their allies, and support their allies by holding some enemies out of combat, rather than killing those enemies.

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