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All 11k of you. Allow me to get a bit personal for a moment.

Recently (March 15th, to be exact) I, unfortunately, lost my full time job.  In that time I have acquired a temporary job, but it is not enough.  I’m not in dire straits yet, but I am fast approaching it. Between the temporary job, and giving my home the deep clean it needed, I have not had excessive time to put my own content on this blog as I would like. Nor have I had time to do so when I had my old job. I would like to change that.  I plan on putting original items into the queue once again, and maybe even a few more homebrewed things such as spells and even classes.  
To facilitate such progress, I’m reaching out for the first time in my life for, I suppose, donations. Now, I won’t be hurt if no one donates, but to those who do, or plan to, thank you very much for your generosity. You’ll be helping me support myself during this trying time, and in return, you’ll be getting free content on regular basis for use in your own campaigns.


Than you again to any who donate, and thank you for continuing to follow this blog.

Warm Regards,

The Artificer

I guess I should add my patreon too!


Reblogs of this would be super-appreciated!  Every penny helps me continue supporting myself.

@the-artificier-guild has shared a lot of my content in the past, which has made my work visible to people who might not have otherwise seen it, so I really have a lot to thank them for. They also share a lot of others’ content, and produce great homebrew content of their own. If you are able to support them, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!

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