Gods of Amonkhet in D&D: Kefnet


Kefnet the Mindful. The ibis-headed god Kefnet, who flies above the city of Naktamun on wings of gold that gleam in the sunlight, is aligned with the ideals of blue mana. He upholds principles of self improvement through knowledge, as he believes knowledge to be the greatest weapon a warrior can ever wield. Appropriately, the trial he presides over is an ever-shifting maze of illusions, where problem-solving is prioritised over prowess in combat.

Custodian of the Hekma. Aside from his role as a great teacher and master of the trial of knowledge, Kefnet is the maintainer of the Hekma, an immense shield of water that surrounds the city of Naktamun, protecting it from the horrors of the desert wastes that surround the city. Kefnet spends much of his time flying above Naktamun, probing the Hekma for weaknesses that he must repair.

God of Knowledge. Kefnet’s teachings prepare initiates. At times when Kefnet is not maintaining the Hekma or watching over initiates, Kefnet can be found simply observing the city of Naktamun, most often from atop the monument that houses his Trial of Knowledge. As a tenet of his role as the god of knowledge, Kefnet records what he watches, etching Amonkhet’s history into his monument.


My stats for Kefnet focused on him as a spellcaster, naturally he has a selection of typically blue-aligned spells that relate to both the lore around him and the cards on which he is depicted. As such, Kefnet’s spell list includes counterspell, spells related to mind-control, and illusion magic, the latter of which is a core feature of the Trial of Knowledge.

In particular, shape water, control water, wall of water and watery sphere all relate to Kefnet’s role as the maintainer of the Hekma, which I further reinforced with the Keeper of the Hekma ability that enhances Kefnet’s skill with these particular spells.

Kefnet’s Bestow Wisdom functions as a much less powerful version of the spell foresight (which Kefnet also has), which I based on the lore that Kefnet will occasionally share wisdom with worshippers that he favours which contain a message that will help them in a moment Kefnet has foreseen. Prejudgement serves to similar effect, based on Kefnet’s ability to read others, telling who will succeed in the Trial of Knowledge and who will fail. 


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