Would your homebrewed counterspells interact with your New Prahv Guildmage’s final ability?


While I designed the subclass to work independently of my other content (as I try to with most things I work on), I’d definitely treat it as compatible with homebrewed counterspells (mine or anyone else’s), so that they work the same way as counterspell does for the Azorius Lawmage’s subclass features that have counterspell-focused effects.

For anyone else interested in the Azorius Lawmage (formerly New Prahv Guildmage) Wizard Subclass or my rules for some MTG counterspells in D&D, you can find them right here:

Wizard Arcane Tradition: Azorius Lawmage

Spells of MTG in D&D: Counterspells Part 1

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