Player’s Companion – Homarids (Download)

As the Dominaria art book is released this week, I thought I’d make some more Dominaria content to coincide with it, and as they’re one of the lesser-known fan favourites, I felt Homarids would be a fun thing to design.

For designing the player race, aside from the mechanics that I felt were automatically necessary to include (amphibious, darkvision and cold resistance,

for deep-water dwellers, and natural armour for their shells), I had a lot of fun designing the claws trait, as the combination of the bonus to unarmed strikes and the clumsiness with handheld objects does a lot to mechanically hammer home that a homarid PC has big claws instead of hands, and can’t use their claws in the exactly same way other characters can use their hands. The NPC homarids took inspiration from existing D&D crustacean creatures like the giant crab, and the aldani lobsterfolk from Tomb of Annihilation.

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