Races of Lorwyn & Shadowmoor – Elementals (Download)

My design for Flamekin and Cinders leaned on some inpiration from the mechanics of both fire genasi (naturally) and Azer, a creature that have a constantly burning flame as part of their body in a similar way to Flamekin. One thing I wanted to have as a part of this design was fire immunity, but as fire damage is one of the more common damage types in the game, I needed to balance that, which I did with the Water Weakness trait to give them a reasonably big weakness to counteract the power of immunity to fire damage. 

In the development process, I designed the Flamekin’s mechanics first, then adapted their innate traits to their dark reflection in the Cinders – the Heart of Fire and Heart of Ash function as the mechanic demonstration of the main difference, but also similarities of the Flamekin and Cinders.

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