We need more dungeons!

Agreed! I really enjoyed making the Courtyard as a Dungeon post, so I’m definitely going to be doing others for the other locations of Darkest Dungeon. Further from that though, I’m planning on actually designing some full dungeons, a lot of which will probably be set in the MTG multiverse. I’ve not actually designed a full dungeon or an adventure module before (or, at least, not for D&D 5e before), so at the moment I’m doing a lot of reading on that and a bit of practice with my own games, so I can pick up how to do it right.

When the Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica releases, I should have an opportunity to publish MTG campaign modules on DM’sGuild. So should all things go according to plan in terms of the amount of time I get, I’ll be publishing a Ravnica adventure module later on this year, which I’m already working on, and should come out probably around November/December time!

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