What are you really hoping in the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica? I hoping for races, planeswalker rules, and a complete timeline of Ravnica specifically, but what are hoping for?

Honestly, I’m a real sucker for fantasy geography, so one of the things that really excites me the most is the maps. Apart from that though, I’m really looking forward to seeing what playing a Guild character has to offer, as the Guild backgrounds are going to be including more features than the backgrounds you find in the Player’s Handbook – especially as I’m starting a long term MTG planeswalking campaign later this year and two of my player characters are from Ravnica. I’m also pretty excited to see what Races are available – two of my players in another campaign (we’re going to translate the new Dragon Heist campaign to Ravnica) are planning on playing Gorgon twins, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether the rules will include that as an option!

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