D&D Monster: Volcanic Dragon


Volcanic Dragon by Chris Rahn

Rage of the Earth. Born in the heart of a volcanic eruption, volcanic dragons are forces of destruction with few natural equals, carrying a total destructive rage that mirrors the devastation wrought by the lava and pyroclastic flows of their birthplace. As their bodies consist of near-molten stone, volcanic dragons are constantly super-heated for the short period that they remain animate – hot enough to melt the blades of those that attack them. 

Short-lived Devastation. As their bodies cool, volcanic dragons will solidify and crumble away into a pile of igneous rock. This process of cooling can take as little as one day after the dragon’s birth, and as a result the dragon will literally destroy itself as it causes as much devastation as possible, including emulating their own fiery birth, blowing parts of their body apart to erupt molten rock at those unlucky enough to be near them. 

Water Weakness. For all the destruction they can wreak, volcanic dragons are near-mindless in their lust for ruin, and have been known to be fooled into diving into water to attack ships – cold water instantly cooling their bodies and solidifying them into inanimate stone.

Elemental Nature. A volcanic dragon doesn’t require air, food, drink or sleep.


The volcanic dragon was inspired by a card of the same name in MTG, but taken in a more expanded mechanical direction. Starting the design with standard rules for a dragon, I wanted to give it volcano-related abilities, and the first one I really fell in love with the design of was the Eruption legendary action – in which it blasts parts of itself off its body in an eruption of lava bombs. This served as the starting point for making this creature a high-damage dealer, with significant weaknesses, the foremost being that it will likely deal more damage to itself than any other creature will deal to it in an encounter. I’m really pleased with the combination of the Igneous Hide and Water Weakness abilities, which really highlight it as a creature made of molten rock, which can be solidified at any time if it’s cooled down.

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