Races of Kamigawa (Download)

All of my Kamigawa player races are now up! I’ve revamped my older Kamigawa player races, and added player races for the two I hadn’t yet designed – humans, who use the variant human rules from the player’s handbook, and kitsune. 

Designing the kitsune, I didn’t initially have any lore to jump off from, and the lore there is was pretty difficult to find, so big thanks to @vorthosjay for all the help finding the lore that is out there! Most of the design was based on the lore presented in the story Eight and a Half Tales by

Rei Nakazawa, which demonstrates the most significant trait of the kitsune, and the ability I put as their forefront racial ability – that they grow a new tail at the most significant points in their lives. I wanted the design for this to mechanically confer the same wisdom, and ability to converse with spirits that are the powers of older and wiser Kitsune, which is done with access to spells and ability score improvements.

You can find all of my Kamigawa content here!

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