Competitors of Kylem: Gorm and Virtus

This week I’m looking at Kylem again, to present some competition for when your players go into the arena of Valor’s Reach. So here are their first opponents: Gorm the Great, and Virtus the Veiled!


Gorm the Great




Virtus the Veiled


Look at that! Two rough and tumble rowdy boys! Both of these designs took inspiration from existing humanoid statblocks – the gladiator and assassin. From there, I added abilities based on the cards, such as Gorm’s Blocker ability representing each creature having to block him if able, and Virtus’ Assassin’s Strike ability, based on how he halves a player’s life total as he hits them. 

I then also added abilities focused on making the two of them combo together, as any good team on Kylem should. Namely, Virtus’ assassin abilities trigger specifically when his target is within the melee range of Gorm, and Gorm’s Shield Springboard allows Virtus some bonus mobility to let him get better angles for attacks. Their abilities also focus on directing attacks to Gorm, who has higher hit points, such as Virtus’s You Can Be My Bodyguard (I know those aren’t the exact lyrics, but I really had to make that reference when I saw the opportunity). The two also each have a Periapt of Wound Closure – battles in Valor’s Reach are, after all, non-lethal.

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