Roguish Archetype – Dimir Agent (Download)

I’ve got a lot of content on the way to coincide with the release of the Guilds of Ravnica block and the Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, this week a rogue subclass for Dimir agents. This is effectively the next part of my guildmage cycle, but I’m departing from calling them guildmages, as the designs tend to draw more inspiration from the wider mechanics of the guilds than just the guildmage cards.

This subclass is most heavily inspired by the latest Dimir cards, which have strengthened the flavour of members of house Dimir being able to steal and retain strands of memory. I wanted to build this subclass around the flavour of the surveil mechanic, focusing on collecting information through the memory thief feature, then using that information to be a better rogue, with the psychic dossier feature, with the later features building on both of these.

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