Vampires of Darkest Dungeon in D&D: The Baron


Morbid Entertainment. The Baron came to the courtyard as an entertainer, bringing performances appropriate to the depravity of the noble guests, vile even before they transformed into their present bloodsucking forms. The Baron’s performances delighted guests, as he pushed each new batch of performers through ever more suffering and humiliation than those who expired in every preceding performance. 

Bloodthirsty Ringmaster. In his bloodsucker form, little has changed about the Baron’s delight in torturous performance, luring adventurers to battle him before an audience of other insectoid monstrosities. His physicality, on the other hand, has become distorted to resemble an oversized bulbous tick.

His performers are now kept in motion by the lashing of whip-like forelimbs, before brutal grand finales where they are torn apart by a mass of mouths that extend from the Baron’s grotesque form.

Stage Direction. Though the baron always takes the leading role in his performances, he is accompanied by a swarm of loathsome backing performers, hidden within cocoons around his stage, allowing the baron to hide among them to prepare for the next act of his performance, and unleash them on his victims. Many unfortunate adversaries close to defeating the baron have cut open a cocoon, hoping to find the injured ringmaster, only to be devoured by one of his equally monstrous stagehands.

Lair Actions:

The Next Act (3/Day). The Baron summons 1d6 10-ft wide, 10-ft tall cocoons, within 60 feet of him, including one that covers the baron. The cocoons have an AC of 10, and 1 hit point. When the cocoons are summoned, the baron chooses one of them, and is placed within that cocoon. Each other cocoon contains either a sycophant, supplicant, esquire or chevalier, chosen at random. 

When a cocoon is destroyed, it releases the creature within it.


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