Monsters of Ravnica in D&D: Dream Eater


(Art used is Dream Eater by Daarken)

Sphinx of Shadows. Dream eaters bear a resemblance to other sphinxes that dwell on Ravnica, but with a dark cobalt plumage on their wings, and their manes appearing as a matted, tangled mass, that floats lazily around the sphinx’s head, obscuring most of its face, save for two piercing blue eyes.

Cruel Mind Mages. Much like their cousins that work among the Azorius senate, dream eaters are skilled in spellcraft. Rather than focusing their ability on commands and order, dream eaters have a repertoire of spells that play with the minds of those they encounter, inspiring fear, confusion and amnesia.

Dark Whispers. Rather than a mighty, triumphant roar, the dream eater’s foes are subjected to psychic whispers, that burrow into their minds, even at a distance far greater than one would expect. These whispers meld rumour, misinformation, and the occasional painful truth to drill fear into the minds of creatures, the suggestions gathering intensity with each further whisper, culminating in a barrage of mind-breaking suggestions that can drive one to madness. 


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